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Suggestions to DMV Task Force to Fix the DMV

10/10/2012 14:21
Here are a few suggestions to fix the DMV. Look at privatization of the offices. In Johnson County the taxpayers subsidize the cost of running these offices Just do not allow it to be by political appointment. Add Saturday and evening hours. Fix the insurance database so more online registration...

DMV Task Force Comments

10/07/2012 16:49
The Governor announced the creation of a task force to improve the operations of the DMV or as I call the customer experience of interfacing with the government.  Most comments I have seen since the announcement reflect distrust and are negative towards the task force.  I question...

Governor Brownback Announces DMV Modernization Task Force

10/05/2012 15:00
Today I attended the Governor's announcement of the formation of a task force to examine private and public sectors models that cound make the state's DMV the best in the nation.  The task force will be lead by Lee Harris, CEO of Cohen Esrey Real Estate Services. These are his words not...

Good News On Wait Times

09/14/2012 11:31
Tom Franzen, JOCO County Treasurer reported at a hearing in Topeka yesterday that wait times in his offices are down and so are the number of people appearing at the offices. This is due to more people going online, as fees have been eliminated and mailing in registration.  I feel good about...

Fire Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite for Incompetence

09/14/2012 10:59
The way to fix the problems with the Kansas DMV is by replacing Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite so we can install leaders with the knowhow and tenacity to fix the issues including appropriate fines against 3M as allowed by contract.  It has been four months now and the costs continue to...

Nick Jordan Looking at New Fee to Compensate Counties for DMV Expenses

09/14/2012 10:51
Here we go again. First, we paid a $4 Modernization Fee since 2009 (is set to expire in 12/31/12 and become a funding source, a tax you did not know you were paying, for highways)  on every registration to upgrade software and systems and now we may need a new fee to cover the additional...

Johnson County Office Showing Improvement in Processing Times

08/23/2012 12:04
Here are the wait times at 12 PM Thursday, August 23rd.  The real test to will be to see wait times on Monday and Tuesday at month end.  Maybe the waiving of online fees has encouraged more people to use the online system to register their vehicles.  Let's hope so.  Get In...

We Must Keep the Pressure on the State Division of Vehicles and its Leadership to Obtain Accountability

08/14/2012 10:41
Ryan Kath has my applause for his efforts at uncovering the truth and reporting the details about the Kansas DMV software conversion (DMV Modernization Project).  He, by far, has conducted the most exhaustive investigation of any reporter in the state and has worked to obtain...

Update Story by Ryan Kath on DMV Accountability to Air Monday Night at 10 PM

08/13/2012 16:24
I put a link to the online story that will air on the 10 PM Action 41 News tonight in the links section.

Fees Wiaved Now.

08/13/2012 16:21
Good news.  I just went out on the renewal website and found the fees are waived now.  Not sure why the article said next year and if that was wrong or the State changed their mind.  This is a win for everyone.
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