Fire Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite for Incompetence

09/14/2012 10:59

The way to fix the problems with the Kansas DMV is by replacing Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite so we can install leaders with the knowhow and tenacity to fix the issues including appropriate fines against 3M as allowed by contract.  It has been four months now and the costs continue to escalate.  We already pay $4 dollars per registration to modernize the DMV, which is set to expire in 12/31/12 and become a funding source (a tax you did not know you were paying) for highways. We need to look beyond the software issues and realize the shifting of responsibilities from the State on processing titles to the counties is to blame for much of the additional cost.  The State reduced personnel and the counties had to hire.  It is only fair for the counties to expect a larger subsidy.