Suggestions to DMV Task Force to Fix the DMV

10/10/2012 14:21

Here are a few suggestions to fix the DMV. Look at privatization of the offices. In Johnson County the taxpayers subsidize the cost of running these offices Just do not allow it to be by political appointment. Add Saturday and evening hours. Fix the insurance database so more online registration can be completed successfully. It needs to be updated more frequently. Require insurance companies offering policies in KS to report. Today it is voluntary. Permanently eliminate online fees. Eliminate or change the process to verify the VIN of vehicles from out state being titled in KS for the first time. In Johnson County you now have to go to a different location outside of the county to have it verified. This is confusing. Look at a two year registration period. Most of these suggestions are targeted at the county DMV offices handling titles and registrations. The offices issuing driver licenses are run by the state and never did convert to the new systems. They need to add hours (currently closed on Mondays) and more staff to reduce wait times. Good thing we do not have to renew our licenses all that often. Finally, do we really need both state and county run offices to handle DMV functions? I have heard from customers that they went to wrong offices as they do not understand the system KS has in place. Oh, one last suggestion. New leadership might be what is really needed to implement real and lasting change for the better. If done right, this model could be used in other public facing government run operations.

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