We Must Keep the Pressure on the State Division of Vehicles and its Leadership to Obtain Accountability

08/14/2012 10:41

Ryan Kath has my applause for his efforts at uncovering the truth and reporting the details about the Kansas DMV software conversion (DMV Modernization Project).  He, by far, has conducted the most exhaustive investigation of any reporter in the state and has worked to obtain accountability.  My accidental involvement in this matter started with wanting to understand the impact of the conversion mess on Johnson County taxpayers.  What I found was the no one had answers to my questions.  This is when I decided I needed to get deeply involved.  Because of my direct efforts, the Johnson County Commissioners wrote a letter to Governor Brownback requesting the waiver of online service fees and other changes made to the way the insurance database is managed allowing greater usage of the online system.  The good news is fees have been waived.   There is still much to be done to improve and modernize the State and County run offices.  We need the $4 modernization fee to be discontinued as now it is going to be used to fund the DOT and not the DMV.  We need to add night and weekend hours to our offices to make in more convenient for many us that cannot go during normal business hours.    3M as the vendor needs to pay penalties spelled out in the contract.  We need our legislators to change reimbursement formulas so Johnson County taxpayers do not have to subsidize the $1.2 million cost to fund the two County DMV offices.  We also need new leadership and a promise not to let this type of fiasco happen again.  I will not rest until Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite are gone.  Now that will demonstrate accountability. Visit https://fixksdmv.webnode.com/ for more details.  The link to the story on Action 41 News can be found in the Links tab.