Governor Brownback Announces DMV Modernization Task Force

10/05/2012 15:00

Today I attended the Governor's announcement of the formation of a task force to examine private and public sectors models that cound make the state's DMV the best in the nation.  The task force will be lead by Lee Harris, CEO of Cohen Esrey Real Estate Services. These are his words not mine.  The task force includes auto dealers, county treasures, bankers, law enforcement and the energy sector.  Why the last one I do not know.  What is missing in this so called group of stakeholders is the consumer/customer of the DMV.  They are the real stakerholders as they utilizes the services of the DMV and most are the taxpayers funding the DMV.  Recommendations are due in Novemeber.  I wish them the best.  I put photos of the event in the photo gallery and suggestions to fix the DMV in my blog.