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This site is designed to communication the problems caused by the Kansas DMV software conversion (Modernization Project) that took place in May 2012. The opinions expressed are the personal opinions of the website developer as both a Kansas Taxpayer and a customer of the State DMV and Johnson County Kansas DMV. It is our goal to hold the highest levels of Kansas State government officials accountable for the failure of the conversion, the subsequent cost to taxpayers and the inconvenience experienced by DMV customers.  We are calling for the resignation or termination of the Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan, head of the DMV and Donna Shelite, Director of Motor Vehicles and sponsor of the Modernization Project.



Governor Brownback Announces DMV Modernization Task Force

10/05/2012 15:00
Today I attended the Governor's announcement of the formation of a task force to examine private and public sectors models that cound make the state's DMV the best in the nation.  The task force will be lead by Lee Harris, CEO of Cohen Esrey Real Estate Services. These are his words not...

Nick Jordan Looking at New Fee to Compensate Counties for DMV Expenses

09/14/2012 10:51
Here we go again. First, we paid a $4 Modernization Fee since 2009 (is set to expire in 12/31/12 and become a funding source, a tax you did not know you were paying, for highways)  on every registration to upgrade software and systems and now we may need a new fee to cover the additional...

Johnson County Office Showing Improvement in Processing Times

08/23/2012 12:04
Here are the wait times at 12 PM Thursday, August 23rd.  The real test to will be to see wait times on Monday and Tuesday at month end.  Maybe the waiving of online fees has encouraged more people to use the online system to register their vehicles.  Let's hope so.  Get In...

Update Story by Ryan Kath on DMV Accountability to Air Monday Night at 10 PM

08/13/2012 16:24
I put a link to the online story that will air on the 10 PM Action 41 News tonight in the links section.

JOCO DMV Wait Times Improving

08/10/2012 13:54
While it is early in the month so it is a slow time, Johnson County DMV appears to be making progress on wait times.  Good for them and us. No complements to Donna Shelite or her department as they were the root casue. Get In Line at DMV Reserve your spot at: Mission Renewal...26 min...

Fees for Online Registration to be waived!

08/10/2012 13:53
See my blog for more details on this change.  I just verified by going to the online website and confirmed the fees are waived now.

Wait times at Johnson County DMV as 7/25 at 10:30 AM

07/25/2012 10:20
Get In Line at DMV https://treasurer.jocogov.org/ Reserve your spot at: Mission Renewal...6 hrs, 1 min wait Mission Title...13 hrs, 58 min wait Olathe Renewal...5 hrs, 42 min wait Olathe Title...7 hrs, 50 min wait

Donna Shelite Fights Back at Her Critics and the Media

07/24/2012 13:18