Why Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite Must Be Fired?

07/25/2012 11:04

Nick Jordan is the Revenue Secretary of the State of Kansas.  His area is responsible for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and ultimately oversees the DMV Modernization Project, also known now as the 3M software conversion.  Donna Shelite is the Director of Motor Vehicles under Nick Jordan and is the primary sponsor of the project.

Background on the project

The projected started in 2008 with a request to bid was issued.  The State also approved adding a modernization fee of $4 to all annual registration renewals.  In 2009 3M was approved as the contractor and only bidder on this project.  The contract is fixed priced set at $25 million. Additionally, the project budgeted another $15 million for hardware and other costs associated with the conversion from the old mainframe disparate systems to single database and software for the County DMV offices to use for titling and registrations and for State DMV Drivers Licenses offices to use for new and renewal licenses.

Here is good link to read on the back ground and problems: https://computersoftwareyo.com/dmv-computer-system-is-still-making-kansans-wait-kansas-city-star/

Now why do Nick and Donna need to go?  They failed us the taxpayers and customers of the DMV.  They need to be held accountable for their actions or inactions. No excuses are permitted.  If this occurred in a project you or me was leading for a private company we would be looking for a job.  So should they.  Modernization of the systems was needed, but the expectation was to for the new system to work and to increase efficiency (their words, not mine).  Neither has happened.  It took Nick almost 2 months for a public apology all the while Donna continued her PR campaign on how well the system was working for most counties.   The project failed so badly Senator Laura Kelly called for an audit that was approved only to be stalled by Nick Jordan.  All you have to do is go to one of the larger county DMV run offices and talk to any customer and you will have further proof as to why they need to resign or be fired. 

As you state legislator and your county commissions to help champion this cause and go online to https://www.causes.com/profiles/182916727 to sign an online petition.  Thank you.