My Experience with Johnson County DMV Registration Process

07/24/2012 11:26

July is my month to renew my vehicle registrations on the four cars we own.  I used to go into the County DMV office to do it, however the last few years I opted to do the by mail process.  Normally, I receive the new registration and stickers within days of mailing it in.  This year that all changed.  I mailed my registrations in along with a check on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  I received two separate envelopes on Saturday, July 21, 2012 and not four as I expected.  OK, my first thought is since I mailed them all together I would receive one mailing with all four returned at the same time.  With that not the case I expected to receive the other to registrations the following Monday.  Well, that did not happen so I called the Johnson County DMV office to check on them since the registrations expire at the end of the month.  I waited n hold for 58 minutes to speak with a person.  She was rude to the point I could tell she just wanted to get me off the phone and on to the next caller.  She did indicate the vehicles were registered and I should expect them any day.  When asked why they did not come together she said it must be the new system they are using.  Oh, well just another example of how an efficient process has suffered because of the DMV Modernization Project upgrading software and hardware statewide in May.  I plan to bring this to the attention of the Johnson County Treasurer.  You can thank Nick Jordan and Donna Shelite for "fix'in what ain't broke". 

Update:  I did receive the other two registrattion in the mail today.  Both came in seperate envelopes.  OK, here is what JOCO spent on my registrations; 4 envelopes with postage at $.40/envelope to mail the renewals ($1.60), 4 renewal letters (they used to be on one statement, cost not known), 4 return envelopes (I used only one, cost unknown), four registrations (this is OK, cost unknown), 4 envelopes (cost unknown) and postage for the four at $.40/envelope. Total known cost is $3.20 for postage.  My guess is at leat $.60 per mailing or $4.80 to send me my renewals and registrations.  Householding of these mailings coud have saved at least half.  Efficient and cost?  I think not.  Timely?  No.